Initiatives as the Chief Election Commissioner


Mr. Chawla has worked hard to help incorporate a radical reform that enabled 1 million (approx.) eunuchs to exercise a preference to vote in a new category of “Other”, instead of being compelled to vote as ‘Male’ or ‘Female’. This reform has been a milestone decision in itself.


At various forums, Mr. Chawla spoke about enfranchising undertrial prisoners. He was vocal about finding more logic in denying undertrial prisoners the right to contest rather than denying them the right to vote.


Special facilities for the visually impaired voters were provided with 1.3 million Electoral Voting Machines and Braille-literate voters to cast their vote independent of any assistance. Special auxiliary polling stations were also set up at institutes for the visually impaired.


Set a target to achieve 100% production and distribution of EPIC cards to the entire voting population of India by December 2011 (the figure has since exceeded 90%).


Indian General Elections of 2009 was remarkable in many ways - it was an election marked by minimal violence, complaints, and repolls. It also witnessed many milestone decisions, including firsts like the electoral rolls​ that​ were created bearing the voter's photograph.


India deserves a fair and accessible ​voting system, and the General Elections of 2009 ensured that. From a disability-friendly voting process to the Booth-Level Office System and Vulnerability Mapping, innovations from within helped the people fulfil their duty to vote.